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As an interventionist trained in family systems, a nationally certified family recovery coach and peer recovery coach in the state of Minnesota, I am passionate about helping families acquire the tools they need to deal with difficult or resistant loved ones, while staying healthy themselves.

As we walked through the difficulties of dealing with a resistant loved one, the term “tough love” did not resonate with us. We believe God is the God of relationships and that it was most important for us to “love well.” I will work with you and your family to foster relationships rather than detach from them. I will coach you on skills and language that will help you step out of the cycle of chaos that you may be in, as a result of the pain in your family.

I offer a free 45 minute initial consultation. Coaching fees will vary based on the number of sessions and can start as low as $75 per hour.

To set up a free consultation you can call me at 612-554-1644 or inquire now.

Invitational Intervention

We live in a world where we have been told that we can’t do anything about our loved one’s substance use and that they must hit “rock bottom.” We know that when our loved ones are suffering there WILL be an intervention at some point, whether that’s hospitalization, jail or even death.

But there is a 4th option which is communicating as a family to help determine the best course of action for everyone to recover. As a trained Arise interventionist I believe that behavior patterns are rooted in trauma and that addiction is a survival mechanism that people acquire. Some of that behavior is passed on from generation to generation. The Arise model works with the entire family, including the person of concern, from the very first meeting. Using an invitational model, there is no ambush, there is no deception, there are no surprises. The family will work together to identify, through the use of a genogram, what behavior patterns have been established and how each member of the family can start to seek healing. We will use secular and faith-based approaches (if appropriate) to meet the individual where they are at so that they have the best opportunity for recovery.

To inquire about intervention services, please fill out the attached contact form. As always, the first call is absolutely free and there is no obligation to move forward.