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Who I am…

I’m Just A Mom…Who’s Become A Warrior.

  • A warrior in the battle for my kid’s hearts and souls.

  • A warrior in the battle for the best marriage possible

  • A warrior in the battlefield for families with broken hearts and broken homes

  • A warrior in the battle for the marginalized, the least of these, the lepers of our society, the ones who others throw away.

  • A warrior in the battle to ensure that every person I encounter walks away knowing they are loved and valued by humanity and by their creator

Where do I begin to tell the story of what got me here to this page today.

If I were to be honest, the reason I’m here, writing on these pages, doing what I do is because 8 years ago we got a call from our son’s school that he had shown up with a backpack full of pills.

I knew all about addiction. I have been affected by it since I was small.  Our family had been impacted by it. But not me. Not us. I had worked hard since I had my children to protect them from the perils of the world and especially from the genetics of addiction.

What I have learned is that no one is immune from the disease. No one. No person, no family.

And I was broken. Shattered by this darkness that had come to rest on our family.

There was no one to go to that understood the pain I was feeling but the One who created me. When I had nowhere to go for answers, when I felt like an utter failure, when I felt helpless, the only One who could help me, whispered in my ear, “you are enough.” And “I came that you might have abundant life. You are not living, you are dying.”

From that day, my mission has been to help others live and not die. Whether it’s through my writings, my coaching or my praying, my message is this. Jesus came to give us life in all of it’s fullness, not partial fullness but ALL of it’s fullness.

We don’t know when or how our journey will play out but we do know this…God has given us everything we need to live the life He desires for us. And we get to choose.

Blessings or curses, life or death. I choose life!


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